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    People nowadays are rather dependent on their cars, that is why they would do anything, to have their vehicles fixed as quickly as possible. Many car mechanics take advantage of this fact, and they don’t really provide quality service, but only a temporary solution. It’s easy when you know a good auto shop where you can be 100% sure that your car is in good hands. Diamonds Transmission has been operating on the market for10 years now, and within that period, many people in Ravenna OH made the right choice trusting us. We are specialized in auto transmission repair, which is not available in a lot of other auto shops. If you need your car to be serviced with the best possible care, then don’t hesitate to call us at (330) 297-6040.

    We provide top quality transmission repair.Every driver knows that when it comes to auto transmission problems, things are getting serious. The reason why that box inside the car makes us tremble, is because we know that its repair will cost us a lot of time and hassle. Many auto shops take advantage of the situation, ripping you off. Fortunately, our transmission shop is the place where you can be sure that your car will get the best transmission service in no time, and at very affordable prices. When you come to Diamonds Transmission, we will welcome you and explain to you exactly what the procedure will be. You will receive a quote, and you will be informed when your car will be ready. Since we know that you need to have your car back as soon as possible, we will do everything possible to repair it within 24 hours.

    Address: 338 North Diamond Street Ravenna OH 44266 
    Phone: (330) 297-6040

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    Took my work van here as a last resort. We had a problem that 2 other shops and the local Ford dealer said they could fix but did not. Here, they listened to... Read more reviews

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    We offer great auto transmission services.We understand that not everybody is specialist in transmission repair. In addition, many auto consultants use very difficult terminology which confuses you even more and finally you don’t really know exactly what repairs need to be done on your vehicle. As far as transmission repair is concerned, there are a few little details you need to know, so that you will be more familiar with the process. Beware! Some transmission shops might suggest that you change your transmission box with a new one. This is completely wrong as your transmission box can’t be replaced with a new one. The only options will be parts of your transmission box to be replaced with new ones, or an already used transmission box to be installed into your car.

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    The purchase of a car an investment. You need to make sure that maintenance will not cost too much money, that is why it’s useful to know a really good auto shop. Everybody in Ravenna OH knows that when it comes to auto transmission, Diamond Transmission are experts. Our name has always been associated with top quality services, prompt response and budget- friendly prices. Auto transmission will no longer be a mysterious subject because we will explain every step to you and we will guarantee that your vehicle will be fixed properly.

    Contact Diamond Transmission and discuss with us your specific needs.We can guarantee the highest quality transmission service offered in Ravenna OH. There is no job too easy or too difficult for us. We handle with care every single repair because when your car is not working properly, a lot of complications arise for you and your family. When you think of auto transmission, let Diamond Transmission be the first name that comes into your mind.

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